Letter of Intent
The Customer is interested in entering into the Early Adopter Program (EAP) and purchasing Apollo Surveyor 3 platform and accompanying software when Apollo has met the goals of the EAP, ahead of commercialization of the product.

The Apollo EAP that customer is interested in is a phased pilot program for integrating the Apollo Surveyor 3 ahead of the official product release. It is understood that Customer’s participation in this program would consist of flights with the Surveyor 3, logistics, flight planning, airspace authorization, and travel spent on participation of the EAP. The EAP allows Customer to work with Apollo on optimizing the product for Customer’s specific uses, and allows Apollo to gather valuable system performance information for continual improvement of the product.  
1. Apollo's Expectations
  • Apollo will offer the commercial version of the Surveyor 3 and accompanying software for sale to Customer, prior to general availability.
2. Customer's Expecations
  • Customer will provide required information to Apollo to facilitate integration of the Surveyor 3 into their business.
  • Customer is interested to buy stated number of units in the form when they become available.
3. Limitation
This letter is not an official offer or a legal agreement and is not binding. All details will need to be negotiated and executed through a formal purchase order or other such agreement at a future date if the Customer decides to pursue a purchase. No warranties relating to the performance of either party’s products and services are expressly or implicitly provided by this agreement, all of which shall be determined in such purchase
4. Milestones
While there is no fixed release date for the product, Apollo aims to introduce a commercial Surveyor 3 into the market during Q1 2019. The Early Access Program will consist of the following phases:
  • Phase 1 -­ Product introduction and continuous progress updates
  • Phase 2 -­ Product delivery and hands on in-field demo of the Surveyor 3 for the Customer
  • Phase 3 -­ Apollo Surveyor 3 paid pilot program (optional)